Choose the 2009 Toyota Matrix; choose practicality!

“Practicality” could well be another name for the 2009 Toyota Matrix. With the Matrix, you get great functionality, utility, neat performance and efficient fuel consumption. With the 2009 Toyota Matrix, there is a lot of work you can do for the home. Whether you want to transport your kid’s cycle to the school or want to bring home every major item you shopped; the Matrix is never going go complain.
Or of course, if you chose to transport people along with these goods, it is as much at home. Among its wagon and five-door hatchback body types, it is offered in three trims: base, S and SRX. You can drive out on its choice of two engine types: the 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine with132-horsepower and 128 lb ft of peak torque, and a 2.4-litre four-cylinder that produces a higher power of 158-horsepower and 162 lb ft of torque. If you notice, these two engines are exactly those offered on the 2009 Corolla. This is to say that it combines all the utility it has with the suave of a sedan.
It comes with a standard five-speed manual transmission or a four-or five-speed automatic transmissions.
Its features like increased seat-track travel; tilt steering wheel; thoroughly ergonomically designed controls; a tall and deep bench in the back of the vehicle and 60/40 seat split make it the perfect one for the family. This is a also a great improvement in all the major performance parameters over past Toyota Matrix models. These have indeed come a long way since the start of this generation in 2003.


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